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Model Moment: Donyale Luna

8 Jun

Some models are a complete product of their time and embody the cultural vibe in the air in the most perfect way. Supermodel Donyale Luna was all of that and more. The first black model to cover Vogue, she was the 60′s.  Her never-ending limbs made her body the ideal vehicle for the most futuristic designers of the moment, like Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin. Luna appeared in movies by Andy Warhol and Fellini and on runways all over Europe. Tragically, Luna battled drug problems and died in Rome in 1979 of an accidental overdose, leaving behind a presence in the fashion industry that still fascinates and intrigues us. We found this video tribute to Luna, featuring many of her most famous images and capturing her all-around gorgeousness.

Model Moment: Karen Alexander

31 May

We spent part of the long holiday weekend pouring over vintage fashion magazines and were reminded of how much we loved (and miss) model Karen Alexander, she of the insanely beautiful bone structure and perfect pout. Alexander was one of THE models of the 80′s, black or otherwise, and her face has graced the covers of just about all of the major fashion magazines. She was one of the first models of color to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The New Jersey-born model was also highlighted in People Magazine’s very first 50 Most Beautiful People issue, being photographed while 4 months pregnant. We also love how she is BFF’s with another of our favorite 80′s models, Elaine Irwin, the soon-to-be ex of singer John Mellencamp. Below are some of our favorite images from Alexander’s career.

Pat Cleveland Mini-Tribute

27 May

We spend an almost embarassing amount of time stalking YouTube for vintage videos having anything to do with fashion. We just unearthed this amazing little clip that spotlights one of our favorite supermodels, Pat Cleveland, who along with model Alva Chinn, was a muse to designers Stephen Burrows and Halston. Watching this makes us a bit wistful for the runways of the late 70′s and 80′s when models were actually encouraged to have a personality. Cleveland’s signature walk is on full display here and we are seriously loving the brief clip of Ms. Cleveland with Halston himself, spritzing on some of his namesake cologne. Enjoy and Happy Memorial Day to all of our U.S. readers!


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