Trend Report: Nailin’ It – Ombre Nails

8 Apr

There used to be a time when nail polish was seen as an inconsequential aspect of beauty. There were a few basic shades ranging from pale pink to ravishing red and the world of nails and nail color was playing things extremely safe. Cut to 2011 and nail color has become the leading category in the beauty industry as countless brands have stepped up their color game. Not until recently did I begin to wear bold color on my nails. I was a pale pink, milky white or beautiful beige girl who lived to wear Essie or OPI colors in barely there shades. With my first leap into the fast lane of nail color, I have become a changed woman. I can’t imagine going back to the basic shades I used to wear before.

While nail color has come a long way in the past twenty years, nail trends have gone even further. One of the newest trends to hit the scene is ombre nails. This trend is both fun, fashion-forward and very wearable. There are also two ways in which one can do this trend. There is the gradation effect as seen in the photo above which is when you layer the nail shades, usually starting with the lightest shade and then working your way to the darkest color.

The second way that one can wear the ombre nail trend is by picking a color, for example purple and painting each nail a deeper shade than the one before. You can work the ombre effect from right to left or left to right but either way, it’s a fun take on nails and nail color.


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