Beauty News: Carol’s Daughter Embraces a New Definition of Beauty

20 Apr

Carols Daughter - Selita Ebanks, Cassie and Solange

Carol’s Daughter  is a black female-owned beauty brand known for its delectable products for bath and body, hair, skin and makeup. With a cult-like following and several celebrity investors including Jada Pinkett Smith and Mary J Blige, Carol’s Daughter has gone from being a kitchen start-up to one of the top beauty companies in the world. Lisa Price, the founder and owner of Carol’s Daughter is shaking up the beauty industry with her latest move.  Being that the brand is created by a woman of color for all women, Lisa decided to cast her new ad campaign with multi-ethnic celebrities. She picked Cassie, Selita Ebanks and Solange for her up-coming beauty campaigns which is both a new and daring idea.

All three of her choices are multiethnic women; Cassie is half Filipino and half African-American. Selita is Jamaican, Irish, Indian and African. Solange is African-American and French Creole.  Lisa is looking to the future of this country and the world and that future is one where a large majority of individuals are multi-ethnic. The multiracial population is one of the largest rising populations in the US and the need to showcase the diverse range of beauty that exists within this population is highly necessary. It is exciting to see the world begin to change and adopt a new attitude towards beauty as beauty truly has no singular definition. Look for the new ad campaigns to hit stores, magazines and the web by early summer!


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