Beauty News: LashDip is the Future of Lash Enhancement

22 Apr

Jessica White

As someone who was not blessed with long, luscious, full lashes, I am always on the hunt for products or services that will give me the lashes I covet even if only for a fleeting moment. I’ve used everything imaginable to boost my lashes. I’ve tried all of the best-selling, lash enhancing mascaras, applied the false lashes for those nights out when I wanted to add some drama to my look and even served as a guinea pig for a new company launching a new individual lash application system.

Well, as luck would have it, there is a new service on the market that is sure to have many lash-challenged women rushing to their nearest spa or beauty salon. LashDip is the brainchild of two beauty industry veterans Jessica Harley and Gina Mondragon. This new service is all about taking the lashes you naturally have and enhancing them with a long-wearing, smudge-proof, jet black mascara-like application which gives you the lashes you’ve only dreamt about.

You can choose from a natural look or a pin-up girl style which is a bit more dramatic. The actual application itself is painless and only takes about twenty minutes. The aesthetician will apply the mascara-like formula to each individual lash both top and bottom which will adhere to the lash giving you the look of wearing mascara without the side effects – smudging, clumping, wearing off, running etc…

You can do all of the activities you normally do such as; showering, bathing, swimming and more with LashDip. One of the main no-no’s while wearing LashDip is using oil-based makeup remover. This causes the product to break down and slough off well before its six week timeframe.

For more information or to locate a salon near you that features this new system – please visit LashDip.


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