Beauty Addiction: Living Proof Hair Care

26 Apr

Living Proof Hair Care -

Frizzy hair and spring time weather go hand in hand. It’s all about the rise in humidity which equals moisture and that is like cryptonite to sleek, freshly flat-ironed hair. So, what do you do if you don’t want to waste eighty dollars on a gorgeous blow-out only to have it poufed and puffed out in a matter of minutes? Easy! Invest in an anti-frizz hair care system like Living Proof. This new hair care line has revolutionized the art of reducing frizz. The secret is within the formulations which are oil-free and silicone-free giving each strand of hair a protectant coat that banishes moisture and keeps hair soft, smooth and frizz-free. There are a range of products including shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioning treatments, styling aids and more. I think this is “Living Proof” that you don’t have to deal with the dreaded frizzies just because the temperature starts to climb.


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