Beauty News: Shiseido Set to Launch New Online Platform

26 Apr

Shiseido Collection -

Known for its cutting-edge technology, high-tech formulations and prestige packaging, Shiseido has long been seen as a Japanese luxury brand for mature women around the world. Ever since my retail days at Sephora and Bloomingdale’s, I have always been a fan of this gorgeous skin care and make up line as they produced some of the most fashion-forward color collections I had ever seen and their skin care was light-years ahead of many of the other luxury brands.

The marketing and creative minds behind Shiseido are realizing that although their reputation is solid with the mature woman, there is no brand recognition with the younger set. In order to combat this issue, Shiseido is launching a new health and beauty site called Beauty Platform. The site will include a virtual shopping center which will offer numerous services and products besides cosmetics but mainly will be a place where young customers can purchase Shiseido and exchange information. This new site is currently going to be available only to the Japanese but will soon be making its US debut in the near future.

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