Beauty News: Dior Preps for Summer with Electric Tropics Collection

28 Apr
Dior, Electric Tropics Collection Summer 2011,

Summer season is one of the best times for beauty. Colors are bright, bold and sensual while formulations and finishes are infused with shimmer and luminosity. The focus is on creating a glossier, shinier version of yourself with the aid of a little bronzer, glimmering eye shadows and micro-flecked lip glosses. Dior’s new summer collection Electric Tropics hits all of the high notes of summer makeup with perfection. From gorgeous shadow palettes to luscious glosses that shine and sparkle, this collection is a sophisticated take on classic summer beauty.

Dior, Electric Tropics Crystal Glosses in Sweet Rose, Sweet Peach and Luminescent Rose- Summer 2011 $27 each,


Dior, Electric Tropics Collection, 5 Colouers Palette in Rosy Nude, $58,


Dior, Electric Tropics Nail Lacquers in Paradise and Aloha, $26 each, http://www.dior.comDior, Electric Tropics Healthy Glow Powder in Aurora, $46,



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