Beauty News: Aerin Lauder Set to Launch Exclusive New Luxury Collection

3 May

Aerin Lauder of Estee Lauder in her office in New York City

Aerin Lauder has been the face behind the internationally renowned Estee Lauder brand for the past fifteen years and has beautifully carried Estee Lauder into the modern era with some of the most gorgeous fragrances, color collections and skin care products on the market. The recent news of Aerin’s decision to launch her own luxury beauty label has many wondering if there was drama brewing beneath the surface at the Estee Lauder empire but the truth of the matter is she is looking to move onwards and upwards while continuing to maintain the legacy of her family business.

Estee Lauder will have exclusive licensing rights to all of the products created by Aerin’s private label. She is also staying on as a consultant and will be making over 35 appearances on behalf of Estee Lauder throughout the year. We are excited to see what Ms. Lauder creates and how her new vision differs from that of her famous family!


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