Trend Report: A Little Ray of Sunshine

4 May
Yellow Makeup is Hot for Spring/Summer 2011

The color yellow evokes many different emotions and feelings such as; happiness, playfulness and joy. The exuberant shade takes us back to our childhood when our favorite yellow dress was all we wanted to wear and we loved using our favorite yellow crayon to make everything just a little bit brighter. In the past, the idea of wearing yellow makeup was reserved for those in the circus or for the ocassional anti-establishment angst teen looking to illicit a few stares from concerned passersby. Fast forward to 2011 and yellow makeup rocked the runway in so many new ways, it was hard not to want to run out and invest in a few high yellow products! Take a cue from us and start small – nail polish, a pastel shadow and work your way up from there. Here are a few of our favorite mellow yellow products for Spring/Summer 2011:

MAC - Fashionflower Eye Shadow in Fresh Daisy, $14.50,


Deborah Lippmann, Yellow Brick Road, $16,


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