Beauty Addictions: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

10 May
Bridal Beauty 2011

May is the beginning of the major bridal season. Brides-to-be are searching high and low for the perfect dress, gorgeous shoes, the best accessories and most importantly the ideal wedding day beauty look. Hair and makeup are a key aspect to a wedding as they create a look that will be captured in wedding pictures for the happy couple to reminisce over as well as remind the groom why he is the luckiest man on earth to be marrying such an exquisite creature! One of the traditions surrounding weddings is having something blue as a part of your ensemble. For some ladies, that could be pinning a blue ribbon on the inside of their dress while for others it could be adding a dash of blue to their beauty look.


China Glaze - For Audrey,

Still searching for a chic yet sophisticated way to add some blue to your look? China Glaze Nail Polish in For Audrey is a wonderful way to brighten up your style without sacrificing elegance. Fashioned after the iconic Tiffany’s robin egg blue, this gorgeous teal blue creme polish goes on smooth and gives off a natural shine that will have your guests dying to know what you’re wearing. Pop the color on tips and toes for that added dose of fun!

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