Beauty Addictions: Escada Taj Sunset Eau de Toilette

11 May

Escada - Taj Sunset Eau de Toilette, $55-75.00,

There’s something about a bottle of Escada perfume packed in y0ur Gucci toiletry bag that immediately makes us think of summer vacation. We envision a tropical setting, lush palm trees, an all-white cabana with the endless mojitos and a gorgeous waiter who keeps the drinks and the flirtations flowing. Escada produces some of the best spring/summer scents imaginable and every year they outdo themselves. Their latest launch is the Taj Sunset. It is encased in a flirtatious bottle and is the color of a Tahitian sunset.

The topnotes include: Alphonso Mango and Blood Orange

The middle notes include: Watery Blossom, Sweet Pomarose and Raspberry Jasmine

The bottom notes include: Coconut Cream and Sandalwood

If you want a little taste of the exotic life, spritz on some Taj Sunset from Escada and you’ll instantly be transported to the perfect tropical getaway.


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