Trend Report: You Glow Girl

12 May

Metallic Shadows Give the Ultimate Glow

Summer is a season filled with shine, sparkle and shimmer. From sun-kissed skin to shimmery lips, the look for the summer is one that reflects light and radiates from head to toe. In the past, metallics were not a summer beauty staple and were primarily used for the autumn and winter months, specifically holiday looks. Thankfully, the beauty gods decided to switch things up and make metallics the hottest beauty texture all year round. There a few things one should remember when picking out the perfect metallics.

  • Pick colors that complement your skin tone – i.e. opt for gold or bronze shades if you have warm undetones and silver and pink shades for cool undertones
  • Be sure to prime the eye before using any cream based metallic shadows as they tend to crease especially during the warm months of summer
  • Less is more. You don’t need to apply a metallic eye, metallic lips and metallic nail polish – choose one feature that you want to gild with the metallic glow and keep everything else simple

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