How to Be a Man by Glenn O’Brien

16 May


While continuing to gather up fashion books for our summer reading list, we came across a new style guide for men by longtime fashion insider Glenn O’Brien. Called “How to be a Man: A Guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Gentleman”, this promises to be a tongue-in-cheek primer for the sartorially challenged man everywhere. There are only a precious few men that could have written this book with any real points of reference, and O’Brien is one of them. Having cut his teeth working for Andy Warhol at Interview Magazine, GQ, Details, Vanity Fair and Barneys New York, O’Brien is a front-row fixture at the collections. Before we started going to the shows ourselves, O’Brien’s was one of the few opinions we actually took note of, due largely to his sardonic view of the industry and his spot-on way of reading the collections.  We can’t wait to read this book in full and figure out ways to (discreetly) drop the style advice to the men in our lives. Our favorite little nugget from the book so far is that unless you are at the beach, flip-flops should never be worn in public. This is actually true for both men and women, to be honest.


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