Beauty News: Lancome’s New Ad for Color Design Plays Up Multicultural Beauty

19 May

Lancome, Color Design Collection -

Lancome is an internationally celebrated beauty brand. Known for their amazing mascaras, foundations and limited-edition Juicy Tubes lip glosses, this French-based brand is a must for many beauty aficionados when it comes to stocking up their beauty arsenal with the best of the best. Lately, the makeup company has become known for something else, innovative ads. In the past, many French-based beauty brands such as; Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent would never showcase a woman of color in their print campaigns as they do not cater to the ethnic or multicultural consumer. It seems as though Lancome decided not to let the past interfere with the future as they had tapped Arlenis Sosa, a Puerto-Rican model with the wonderful duties of representing the Lancome brand.

The newest ad is for their Color Design collection. It features Sosa, Daria Werbowy and Elettra Wiedemann looking stunning draped in bright dresses with oversized graphic flowers while wearing deliciously bold shadows. We love this ad because it represents a shift in the world of marketing and advertising and prestige beauty. For many women of color, the lack or absence of models of color speaks volumes. The message is that you can buy our products but we won’t ever showcase someone like you wearing them. Many times, these very brands don’t offer color choices that are suitable for skin of color which makes even more of statement of exclusion.

We hope to see more and more prestige beauty brands doing away with the old-world thinking that has dominated the beauty industry for so many years. Lancome, we applaud you!

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