The Industry: Ossie Clark

24 May

Every summer, the hunt for the Perfect Dress (or Dresses) is on. And every single year, disappointment sets in, and we think that we may have finally figured out why- no matter how many dresses we look at or try on, they are not an Ossie Clark dress. In case you aren’t familiar, Clark was a British designer who, along with Mary Quant and Biba, were the style standard bearers of the “Swinging Sixties” in London.  Some people are obsessed with Birkins and Kellys, we are fixated on the Ossie dress.  His flowy, drapey frocks, often complimented by ethereal floral designs of his wife, Celia Birtwell, had the unqiue quality of being feminine without being too saccharine. Clark died in 1996 and his designs are like gold on the vintage market. It’s probably about time for us to stop wasting time in boutiques and start scouring the flea markets and stalking eBay. Find a few of his beautiful pieces below.

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