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Beauty News: Eva Mendes Reps Thierry Mugler’s New Angel Fragrance

30 Jun

Eva Mendes Reps Angel's Eau de Parfum

Eva Mendes is one of the world’s most beautiful women and Angel is one of the beauty industry’s most successful selling fragrances, so it comes as no surprise that Eva and Angel would make a perfect pair. The Cuban-American actress has shot a series of stunning campaigns which will hit magazines in the Fall. Angel is a sensuous fragrance that is heavy on several sweet, delectable notes including; patchouli praline, caramel and vanilla.

Eva Mendes for Thierry Mugler's Angel

Eva shot two ad campaigns for the Angel Collection. She shot a glamorous yet ethereal ad for the Eau De Parfum which is the most popular selling item in the Angel Fragrance family. She also shot a bright yet futuristic ad for the Eau de Toilette which is a lighter, breezier version of the chocolate-scented perfume.




The Industry: Naomi Campbell for Givenchy FW11

29 Jun

One of our favorite times of the year is when the images from the fall campaigns start trickling out. Here is Naomi Campbell for the Givenchy FW11 campaign. Yes, she has had her “issues”, but we still kind of want to be her when we grow up and would really, really love it if she (or any black model), found their way to a September issue cover of a major fashion magazine this year… 


Beauty Addictions: Sun Kissed SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizer Super by Perricone

29 Jun

Super by Perricone, Sun Kissed SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizer, $42,

We are loving our tinted moisturizers. With the climbing humidity making it nearly impossible to wear foundation, we’ve gravitated towards tinted moisturizers in order to give our skin the moisture and hydration it craves and the appearance of smooth, flawless skin. One of our newest obsessions is the Sun Kissed Tinted Moisturizer. Created by world renowned dermatologist Dr. Perricone, this product is not your typical moisturizer. It is packed with antioxidant rich nutrients including tumeric which is an exotic spice typically found in your favorite curry or Caribbean recipes. Tumeric has anti-inflammatory properties which makes for an even, smooth complexion.

There are tiny mica particles in this formulation that help create the dewy yet flawless finish we all desire during the steamy summer months. This is a paraben and sulfate-free formulation and it’s loaded with sun protection which is always a winner when it comes to tinted moisturizers!

The Collections: Tibi Resort 2012

29 Jun

A look from Tibi Resort 2012

We love a dazzling red carpet look just as much as any fashion girl worth her salt, but sometimes, you just gotta keep it real. Real clothes that we can live in, work in, play in and shuttle little ones around in. Few labels do real as cool as Tibi. During the madness that is Fashion Week, we always have a little bit more spring in our step on the day of the Tibi show, because we know that we will see look after after look that we can actually imagine front and center in our closets as opposed to fantasy pieces for a life that we will never have. Designer Amy Smilovic brought this same easy, but sophisticated vibe to her Resort 2012 collection and we want every single look. Stat.  Just about every piece is a modern twist on a classic- a pencil skirt is a little slimmer, a blouse has a little more drape, a shift dress is rendered with long sleeves instead of the traditional sleeveless cut and a pleated skirt is given the super-maxi treatment and is in the running for one of our favorite pieces from the entire Resort season. In an industry where designers are falling over themselves to attract attention for the most headline-grabbing looks on the most headline-grabbing celebs, there is a lot to be said for the woman who is just out of range of the camera and is quietly the chicest woman in the room. She is probably wearing at least one thing from Tibi. See the entire Resort 2012 collection as well a fabulous selection of shoes (a penny loafer wedge!!!) at

Beauty News: Rent the Runway Sells Makeup

29 Jun

Rent the Runway Sells Lancome -

We here at The Black Market are always on the lookout for ways to give our fashion forward readers the latest info, news and launches in the world of beauty and fashion. How about this cool merger? Rent the Runway, a very unique fashion site that rents designer clothes and accessories for a fraction of the retail price, is now adding beauty to their repetoire. Lancome is the sites first and only beauty offering which is sure to be a hit with customers. Imagine picking out the perfect designer dress, shoes and accessories and then adding that fabulous lipstick all on one online destination? Sounds like heaven to us. The CEO of Rent the Runway recently announced the news:

“Lancôme is the perfect partner for our entry into beauty,” Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman said in a statement. “They’re a luxurious, aspirational and sophisticated brand, just like our designer partners.”

We are sure this is just the beginning of a major trend as several other luxury makeup and beauty brands will surely want in on a piece of the online action.

Dwyane Wade Designs Watch for Hublot

28 Jun

One of us here at The Black Market may or may not be a Miami Heat fan (there’s always next season…).  And one of us may or may not follow Dwyane Wade on Twitter and have been obsessing over sightings of him perched front row in Milan and Paris during the Men’s collections last week. Even people who don’t follow the NBA had to have noticed at some point that Wade is sartorially blessed. That’s why our ears perked up this morning when we heard that Wade has designed a basketball-inspired watch for luxury maker Hublot (Wade has been their brand ambassador since February). Granted, we can’t afford a $20,000 timepiece (yes, that is how much it costs), but we love that Hublot helps Wade with his Wade’s World Foundation, a charity that assists community-based organizations for at-risk kids. We just have one question: will this watch be sold at LeBron James’ new luxury boutique?

The Market:

28 Jun

Yves Saint Laurent Myranda Wedge Boot, from $1,720,

To be immediately filed under the “Digital Distractions” category is the wesbite Part Twitter, part Polyvore, part carefully curated luxe retail space, Lyst provides shoppers with a way to “follow” your favorite designers and labels, to keep you updated on new products and sales. Is that Rebecca Minkoff clutch that you wanted sold out? No worries, Lyst will give you other Minkoff options, many of which are on sale(!!). Lyst doesn’t directly sell the items themselves, rather, they connect you with other online retailers for purchase. One of the coolest features of the site are the “Lysts” that other users make with their favorite pieces and looks, pairing pieces to create looks that you may not have considered, and creating a true interactive shopping experience. We found it far, far too easy to pass many an hour on Lyst, and have added it to our regular rotation. Here are a couple of pieces that we are keeping our eye on, since the Chloe Calf Marcie bag that we’ve been lusting after is sold out… Visit for more information.

DVF Gizela Dress, from $561,


Viktor and Rolf Leather Bag, from $620,