Beauty News: Clinique Launches a New Beauty App

3 Jun
Clinique Launches a New Beauty App,

Beauty has officially gone high tech. Several brands have created beauty apps for their technologically savvy customers who want to maintain their beauty routine with the help of their PDAs. Clinique is the latest beauty brand to unveil their beauty app. Known for their incredibly innovative skin care, Clinique’s beauty app is ideal for those customers who want to prepare for various weather and environmental changes when it comes to prepping their skin for the day or evening. There are several great benefits to using the Clinique beauty app. One of our favorites is the “Find a Store”  function since we always want to know where the nearest Clinique counter is! Check out some of the other features of this super cool new app:

  • Weather information that is geo-targeted to your location including current temperature, UV index, pollution index and relative humidity.
  • Expert, skin-saving tips and product recommendations related to the current weather conditions.
  • The “Find a Store” and “News” tabs to locate nearby Clinique counters as well as Clinique news and events relative to your location.
  • The Clinique Forecast app is available for download directly from iTunes and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. And, the Android version will be launching soon. 
  • Available in both English and Spanish.

If you want to download this new app, please visit


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