Beauty Addictions: CLEAN Original Scent Moisture-Absorbent Deodorant

6 Jun

CLEAN, Original Scent Moisture-Absorbent Deodorant, $18,

With summer weather blanketing most of the country in record heat and humidity, there is a definite need to maintain one’s hygiene while staying clean and dry throughout the day. CLEAN is one of our favorite beauty brands as they are known for creating gorgeouly simplistic fragrances and bath & body products that are reminscent of that freshly showered scent we all love. Their most recent launch is their new moisture-absorbent deodorant. Unlike traditional deodorants, the CLEAN Deodorant employs a new technology called Exclusive Cotton Vantage which helps to absorb moisture without the use of aluminum. We also love the super clean fragrance that will make you feel and smell fresh all day. There are no dyes, parabens or other toxic chemicals and the product is 100% vegan ( no animal products or testing).

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