Beauty Addictions: KeSari Indian Oil Hair Serum

7 Jun

KeSari, Indian Oil Hair Serum, $31.50,

We love the idea of summer but we hate the effect that summer has on our hair. Did someone say frizz? If you’re lucky enough to be born with hair that is curly, wavy, kinky or a combination of all three textures, you know firsthand how humidity, heat and the sun can ruin your hair in mere minutes. In order to combat the effects of the summer weather, you have to locate products that will help keep hair frizz-free without stripping hair of its natural moisture. Many products claim they can eradicate the dreaded frizzies but very few actually work. So we were super excited to hear about this new anti-frizz product that is sweeping through the manes of some of the world’s most beautiful women. From Rachel Roy to Joy Bryant, this is their stylist’s go-to product when blowing out their locks for a special soiree.

The secret of this amazing serum is the Triphala Radiance Silk Complex combined with Saffron, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamin E which helps nourish and smooth hair from the inside out while imparting shine and vitality. It’s the perfect solution to the age-old issue of fighting frizz!

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