The Industry: Marimekko Prints

7 Jun

We have an undying love for quirky cool prints and Danish Modern design. So it probably comes as no surprise that we adore Marimekko with a passion. Founded in 1951 by Armi Ratia, a textile designer, Marimekko made it’s biggest splash in the US when Jacqueline Kennedy bought 8 Marimekko dresses to wear during the 1960 presidential campaign. Known primarily for super-graphic floral prints,  Marimekko is a pioneer in putting a finer point on the synergy between home decor and fashion design, something that is commonplace among luxury designers today. Sex and the City devotees might remember that Carrie wore both a Marimekko bikini and dress during the second season of the show. Vintage lovers know that eBay is a treasure trove for Marimekko pieces for both home and closet, and possibly the place to track down the Marimekko for Converse sneakers that we have been dying to get our hands on.  Summer and Marimekko are a match made in style heaven.


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