Product Review: HERCUT Light Curly Conditioner

8 Jun

HerCut, Light Curly Conditioner, $11,

When you have fine curly hair, finding products that nourish and moisturize without weighing your hair down can be downright difficult. Many curly haircare products are laden with heavy oils, silicones and other weight-inducing ingredients that will take your locks from lovely to limp in seconds. Imagine my excitement when I got my hands on this new lightweight curly conditioner by a brand called HerCut! With the summer months helping to keep my hair sweaty and in need of regular washing and conditioning, I was eager to try it out. After a particularly grueling bootcamp session in the hot Atlanta sun, I came home and washed my hair and then slathered my newly cleansed curls with HerCut Light Curly Conditioner. I left the product in for about five minutes while finishing up the rest of my shower and then proceeded to rinse it out. My hair was soft, manageable and very healthy-looking. I loved the fact that it left my curls defined and my hair shiny. It’s a great daily conditioner and is ideal for those of you curly girls with fine hair.


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