The Market: Alejandro Ingelmo E-Commerce Launches

8 Jun

"Sophie" Pony Hair Bootie, $845,

Just say the name Alejandro Ingelmo and fashion girls immediately swoon. Ok, to be fair, we get light-headed at the very mention of the word “shoe”, but there’s just something about an Ingelmo shoe… yes, they’re often exotic and are essentially wearable art, but the bottom line is that they are just so damn sexy and delicious. We were delighted to hear that Ingelmo has just launched an e-commerce feature on his website. Shoe design runs in Ingelmo’s family as his great-grandfather and grandfather produced high-end men’s shoes (Ingelmo also designs men’s footwear, as well). Please, please resist the temptation to settle for companies that shamelessly churn out Ingelmo knock-offs (ahem, Jeffery Campbell, we’re looking at you) and save up your funds to buy the real thing at Trust us, you will never want to take them off.  


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