Beauty Addictions: Trish McEvoy All Over Body Bronzer

15 Jun

Trish McEvoy, All Over Body Bronzer, $48,

We love being bronzed and beautiful. It’s the easiest way to beautify your look without having to apply a face full of makeup. If you’re like we are, you know its imperative that you take good care of your skin so we are in no way suggesting that you lay out and sunbathe without protection. What we are suggesting is that you supplement your protected sun exposure with a little help from a bronzer. Body bronzers are ideal for that dewy, natural-looking glow without the fuss of a self-tanner. Even though many of us already have a natural bronzed glow, you can never have too much of a good thing! This Trish McEvoy Body Bronzer is absolutely delicious and a great item to have in your summer beauty arsenal. It’s lightweight, fast-drying and gives you the perfect amount of bronzed goodness without going overboard. Did someone say addicted?


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