Trend Report: Make Waves This Summer

20 Jun
Waves and Curls Make a Huge Splash this Summer
Waves and curls are always a great option when it comes to styling hair during the summer season. The less heat you put on your hair, the better, so why not work with your natural texture and give your blow-dryer and flat iron a rest! In order to achieve gorgeous, natural-looking waves, the key is great products and simple styling techniques. First things first, you will need to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as the summer climate equals dry, dehydrated hair in major need of moisture and nourishment. Next, you will want to use a curl cream, pomade or mousse as these types of styling aids will assist you in creating casual, sexy waves without the crunch effect often experienced when using gels.
After washing and conditioner your hair, place a generous amount of cream, pomade or mousse into the hair and scrunch away. You will want to do this while the hair is still damp so that the curls and waves will soak up the styling product and take shape. You can either let your waves/curls air dry or help them along with a cool blow-dryer and diffuser. The final step involves a minute amount of shine spray or serum for that added glow that will have your hair sizzling all summer long.



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