Trend Report: Vegan Makeup

27 Jun

Vegan Makeup is Making Waves in the Beauty Industry

As the beauty industry moves to become greener, one of the biggest trends happens to be the creation of vegan cosmetics. We already know what you’re thinking, “vegan cosmetics?” Many people are unaware of the ingredients that exist within their favorite lipsticks, eye shadows and powder. Most of today’s mainstream beauty products are made with animal by-products and test their products on animals before producing them for the masses. For those of you who are animal-lovers or who don’t consume animal products, vegan makeup is a wonderful way to support your beliefs while still looking fabulous! Here are a few of the top vegan makeup lines that we are going ga-ga over! Even if you are not a vegetarian or vegan, you might want to try some of these products as they are an all-natural, healthy alternative to traditional makeup!

Suncoat is known for its water-based nail polishes which are a great product for vegans and animal-lovers in search of high quality nail lacquers made without any animal by-products. They have expanded the line to include lip glosses, lip sticks, natural liquid liner, mascara, nail polish remover, eye shadow and foundation. There are also natural hair care products available too!

Urban Decay is a well-respected and very popular makeup company known for their fun, edgy approach to beauty. They are also becoming known for their vegan products including the Vegan Palette ( featured above) which is comprised of 100% animal by-product and cruelty-free makeup and packaging. Urban Decay has several vegan products including; tinted moisturizer, setting spray, lip glosses, eye shadow pencils, bronzers, eye shadows and much more.

Armour Beauty is a new line of lip glosses created for women who wanted their glosses to last long but didn’t want to purchase products made with harsh chemicals that participated in animal testing. These glosses come in a variety of fashion forward shades and are made with all-natural ingredients. They are cruelty-free and paraben-free and are a great way to keep the glamour alive!


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