The Collections: Tibi Resort 2012

29 Jun

A look from Tibi Resort 2012

We love a dazzling red carpet look just as much as any fashion girl worth her salt, but sometimes, you just gotta keep it real. Real clothes that we can live in, work in, play in and shuttle little ones around in. Few labels do real as cool as Tibi. During the madness that is Fashion Week, we always have a little bit more spring in our step on the day of the Tibi show, because we know that we will see look after after look that we can actually imagine front and center in our closets as opposed to fantasy pieces for a life that we will never have. Designer Amy Smilovic brought this same easy, but sophisticated vibe to her Resort 2012 collection and we want every single look. Stat.  Just about every piece is a modern twist on a classic- a pencil skirt is a little slimmer, a blouse has a little more drape, a shift dress is rendered with long sleeves instead of the traditional sleeveless cut and a pleated skirt is given the super-maxi treatment and is in the running for one of our favorite pieces from the entire Resort season. In an industry where designers are falling over themselves to attract attention for the most headline-grabbing looks on the most headline-grabbing celebs, there is a lot to be said for the woman who is just out of range of the camera and is quietly the chicest woman in the room. She is probably wearing at least one thing from Tibi. See the entire Resort 2012 collection as well a fabulous selection of shoes (a penny loafer wedge!!!) at


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