Cool Blog Alert: LNA Clothing

5 Jul

A look from the LNA Clothing FW11 Collection

It goes without saying that the quest for the perfect t-shirt is a road that eventually goes through LNA. We not only adore their t-shirts, we love the entire aesthetic: equal parts California cool, NYC in the 70’s punk and urban slouch. These are the clothes that can ground almost any type of look and should be bought in multiples. But what we didn’t expect is that we would be as obsessed with the LNA blog as we are with the clothes.  Unlike many blogs from designers and labels, which often serve as sly advertisements, the LNA blog is a peek into their inspiration sources and a ode to the glorious world of fashion and style as a whole. The most recent post consists of photos of the Kate Moss-Jamie Hince wedding and some impossibly cool photos of the couple in general. There are music video clips, photos of paintings and shots of insanely stylish girls. One of our favorites is below. Check out the LNA blog here See the entire LNA Clothing FW11 collection at

A photo from the LNA Clothing blog



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