Product Review: GeoGirl Tinted Moisturizer

7 Jul

GeoGirl, F2F Face to Face Tinted Moisturizer,

We love to keep our beauty routines quick, simple and easy, especially during the summer months. One area where we really scale back is with our foundation. There’s no need to do a full face of foundation when its only going to come sliding down after a few seconds outside in the blaring heat. So what does a girl do when you need some coverage but don’t want to commit to a full face of makeup? Easy! Tinted moisturizer. We are loving the GeoGirl F2F Face to Face Tinted Moisturizer in Deep. It goes on smooth and provides the perfect amount of coverage for that flawless yet natural look we all crave. Even though this is a tween girl makeup line, its absolutely fabulous and works well no matter what your age. I’ve already gotten several compliments while wearing this product and highly recommend it, especially if you’re looking for an easy breezy summer beauty alternative to your usual foundation or powder.


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