Product Review: IT Cosmetics Nail Love Nail & Cuticle Care Pen

19 Jul
IT Cosmetics, Nail Love Nail and Cuticle Care Pen, $12.50,

Nails are the new accessory for 2011. Everyone is rocking hot shades, unusual textures and getting in on the nail art design trends which add so much personality and flair to one’s look. With so much emphasis being placed on nails these days, it’s become even more important to keep your nails looking their best 24/7. One of our favorite products to aid in creating picture perfect nails is IT Cosmetics Nail Love Nail & Cuticle Care Pen. It’s the easiest nail treatment we’ve ever used. The way this treatment works is as follows: you click the bottom of the pen in order to activate the oil into the brush. Once the oil reaches the surface of the brush, you apply the oil to the cuticle of the nail. After appling the oil, you then use the rubber tip of the pen to push back your cuticles. The final step is to rub in any excess oil so that your cuticles will be soft and smooth and your nails will look FABULOUS! This is DIY beauty at it’s best!



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