The Collections: Eugene Lin FW11

20 Jul

A look from the Eugene Lin FW11 Collection

When we read that a collection is inspired by Medusa, you can count us as immediately intrigued.  Such is the case with Eugene Lin’s FW11 collection- but it’s not the more grotesque features of the gorgon that we are more familiar with that was of interest to Lin, but rather, Medusa as the symbol of female rage. In the hands of a lesser-skilled designer, this idea could easily veer off into scary territory, but Lin manages to be quite adept in the way he channels this dark side of a woman’s personality as emotions that are simmering just underneath the surface.  Many of the elements in this collection point to a sense of restraint: a color palette severely limited to earth tones, a slim silhouette and a quiet manipulation of fabric through draping, pleating and sleek cut-outs. 

But there are other ways that Lin does venture more obviously into presenting the tension between inner anger and outer calm. A digitally-produced stone print featured on outerwear and dresses is meant to represent Medusa’s petrified victims and is juxtaposed with luxe fabrics like silk jersey and wool. Dresses with specially molded python-printed necklines are classically beautiful and somewhat unnerving when you know that the necklines are meant to reference the beheading of Medusa by Perseus. The collections that are the most interesting are always the ones that aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but take pieces that are actually staples in a woman’s closet and give us new, refreshing ways to see them. Lin’s FW11 offering has got that in spades. See the entire collection at


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