Product Review: myBody Protect and Serve

25 Jul

myBody, Protect & Serve,

We do not love this sweltering summer heat but there’s one thing that will get us to leave our air-conditioned homes no matter how high the temps soar, the pool! We love dipping our turquoise hued toe nails in the shallow but cool pool waters. With so many people sunbathing this summer during record heat indexes, we knew we’d have to up the ante when it came to our sun protection. myBody Protect & Serve sounds like the dermalogical equivalent of a police force. This power packed tinted sunshield has enough UVA/UVB protectants to maximize sun protection while leaving your skin looking photo shoot ready. What’s super cool about this sunscreen is that it has a silicone base which acts as a primer which means perfect, flawless-looking skin even while you’re poolside.

 I used it this past weekend while hanging out at the pool and was very impressed with its wearability. In the past, sunscreens were thick, gooey and left a white film on the skin that was unattractive and uncomfortable. You certainly couldn’t go from the pool to the lounge with white streaks on your face after a day of sun and fun. This new brand of sunscreen has taken this into account by adding a slight tint to the formula which immediately softens the complexion while shielding the skin from the sun! We love this new sunscreen and will promise to slather our faces and necks with it everytime we get the urge to hit the pool!


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