Trend Report: Sugaring Hits the Hair Removal Circuit

1 Aug
Sugaring Makes a Sweet Debut in the World of Hair Removal

Summer is almost over but we still have a month left of pool parties, beach bonfires and other outdoor opportunities where we tend to show as much skin as possible to both beat the heat and to give the summer a reason to sizzle. We believe that if you’re going to dare to bear your body, you best remove any unwanted hair first in order to avoid embarrassment and coming across like a major beauty faux pas. Even though there are a variety of ways one can rid themselves of body hair, many of them are not so pleasant. Waxing, electrolysis, laser removal and shaving are all popular options but there is a new process that involves less pain and swelling while leaving the body smooth and hair-free. It’s called Sugaring.

Sugaring entails the use of an all-natural sugar paste made with sugar, lemon juice and water. The chemical-free paste is applied to the areas where there is unwanted hair and within a few seconds, the paste is removed and along with it, body hair. What’s great about this process is that it’s great for sensitive areas such as bikini and leg. It doesn’t leave the skin irritated and pulls out the hairs in their natural direction which ensures less ingrowns and breakage. Another added benefit is the smoothness of the skin after sugaring as the sugar and lemon juice create a natural exfoliant ridding the skin of dead skin cells and debris. We are anxious to try out Sugaring before the summer’s over and it’s back to covering up in cashmere and wool.


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