Product Review: Curlesque Defining Serum

9 Aug

TIGI, Curlesque Defining Serum, $21,

Serums are a curly girl’s best friend. They help control frizz, impart shine and give your curls a definition without that crunchy, tacky effect like gel or mousse. Only problems I have had with serum is that depending on the formulation, they can weigh they hair down which is just as bad as getting all frizzed up. What I’ve learned through my trials and tribulations as a curly girl is to find the serums that are not laden with silicones and other ingredients that can lead your curls down the greasy path of destruction. TIGI Curlesque Defining Serum is my new favorite go-to product when I wear my hair curly which is quite often during the summer. After washing and conditioning my hair, I poured a dime-size amount of serum into the palm of the hand. I gently applied the product through my hair and scrunched my ends. I let my hair ary dry and within twenty to thirty minutes, my curls were absolutely shiny, bouncy and ready to fight the Atlanta humidity.

*Bonus Tip: Add a few drops of Curlesque Defining Serum to your favorite styling products for additional shine and definition when styling.


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