The Industry: No Love For Print?

12 Aug

The Iconic Supermodel Vogue USA Cover, Jan 1990

As much as we have embraced the digital world, there is absolutely nothing that could make us part ways with our favorite fashion print magazines. There are certain issues of certain magazines (like the issue above), that we will never throw out and possibly want to be buried with. But recent news regarding the magazine newsstand sales in the US for the first half of 2011 shows that we might be in the minority. Most of the major fashion titles saw a decline in sales, some even slipped into double-digit territory. Only Vogue saw an increase. We here at The Black Market have been in the fashion journalism game for quite some time and our visceral response to actually opening the first page of a just-pulled-from-the-mailbox magazine has never gone away, nor has the thrill of seeing a respected journalist’s words or a favorite photographer’s images in print. The slow demise of Borders bookstore means one less place we can spend a lazy afternoon blowing our weekly latte budget on foreign language magazines just because of an amazing Steven Meisel story. We would be lying if we said it wasn’t all just a bit depressing.

So, what do you think? Is there some sort of disconnect between the way people who love fashion want their information (and images) delivered to them and what the limitations of print are able to provide? Has the monthly print fashion magazine run its course?  Or is there a way the digital world and the print world need to intersect that has yet to be conceived? We would love to hear your ideas and opinions!




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