Trend Report: The New French

15 Aug

This is the classic French manicure we all have come to know and highly request

We will always have a place in our hearts for the classic French manicure. It’s clean, polished, refined and an elegant way to showcase fingers and toes when dressing for special affairs such as;  job interviews or weddings. Over the past three years, French manicures have taken a backseat to several nail design trends which are anything but demure and ladylike. From bright neons for summer to the moon manicure in juxtaposing shades such as silver and black, nails have gone graphic and bold which leaves little to no room for soft, romantic designs such as the French manicure.

Fortunately, we keep our well-manicured fingers on the pulse of all things new and exciting and we recently discovered a new French manicure that is making the rounds in the fashion world. The new French is modern, cutting edge and introduces a new shape that elongates the finger. The color combinations are also much more contemporary – think nude polish and navy tips.

Check out this super cool tutorial on the new French by leading nail art curator Sophy Ronson.


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