The Market: The Rose and Theodora Jean by Siwy

17 Aug

Rose Jean, $193,

The skinny jean is a lot an organized crime family that you’re trying to escape. You want to branch out and try a microflare or a bell, but the skinny sucks you back in. As far as we’re concerned, no one does skinny denim better than Siwy.  First, we just love the overall rocker girl vibe of the Siwy brand. Second, the fit is just beyond. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at any random “celeb on a Starbucks run” photo and she will more often than not be wearing a Siwy jean. Here are the two Siwy jeans that we are currently entranced with- the Rose, with a super sexy snakeskin print and the Theodora, featuring a classic pin dot design. Both of these are tailor made for the perfect motorcycle boot that we plan to buy for fall.  See the entire collection at And while you’re there, you can pre-order the must-have Pallenberg sweater, which basically every girl wanted after seeing it in Lucky. We literally gasped when we saw it, and it will sell out. Trust.

Siwy Theodora Jean, $285,


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