Beauty News: Ricky’s New York Seeks to Expand Nationwide

22 Aug
Ricky’s New York Seeks Nationwide Expansion

For those readers who don’t live in New York, South Beach or East Hampton, we’ve unfortunately been deprived of the Ricky’s New York experience. Ricky’s New York is a fun, whimsical, imaginative beauty and makeup store that makes buying makeup more fun than one can imagine. If you’re looking for top niche brands, Ricky’s has it. Need some help putting on lashes for an event, Ricky’s can help! Want to go all out for your Halloween party but don’t know where to begin, Ricky’s is the one-stop shop for all things beauty and makeup related. They are planning to expand their exciting stores to other locations. This idea has been one that the CEO of Ricky’s New York has been toying with for a while now. We’re not sure where the next Ricky’s are expected to pop up but we’re pretty sure there are several major cities such as; Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Philly that are on the list of possibilities!



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