Chanel “Une Promenade” Exhibit at Harrods

6 Sep

Limited-Edition Chanel Bag for Harrods

As you probably know, Harrods launched “Chanel World” yesterday- a 20,000 square foot shopping wonderland for Chanel fans, complete with mini-boutiques stocked with clothing, jewelry and the Chanel beauty collection. But what we are most obsessed with at the moment is the “Une Promenade” exhibit (also a part of “Chanel World”), a presentation that features an enchanted garden set, much like the backdrop of the Chanel SS11 runway show. This is a much more intriguing space, complete with a display outlining the construction of the iconic 2.55 bag, an exhibit of Chanel Haute Couture gowns and a reproduction of Coco’s Paris apartment. For those of you in London, color us jealous and please go see this exhibit and let us know what you think! The main “Chanel World” is on display for the next three weeks and the “Une Promenade” exhibit opens today and is on display for three weeks, as well.

A look from Chanel SS11



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