Beauty Addictions: Sponge Ladi Avokanto

7 Sep
Sponge Skincare, Ladi Avokanto, $60,

With summer fading ever so fast, we have to be honest about the condition of our skin. If rough, patchy and in desperate need of some TLC are the things that come to mind when you look at your summer ravaged skin, you will certainly need to invest in some high-powered skin care products to bring your skin back to life. One of these high-powered items is Sponge Ladi Avokanto. It’s a serious serum that is packed with avocado oil and Vitamins D & E. A little bit goes a long way as serums are heavily concentrated forms of skin care which need to be used sparingly. This paraben-free, all-natural serum delivers a serious amount of nourishment and hydration to dry, sun-kissed skin. Not only can you slather your skin with this delicious serum, you can also use it on hair, nails, scalp and body, basically wherever you need to soften, smooth and make sumptuous.



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