Product Review: Yonka Masque 103 for Normal/Dry Skin

12 Sep

Yonka, Masque 103 for Normal/Dry,

After a particularly sun-filled Labor Day Weekend in Tampa, I realized that my sun-drenched skin was feeling a tad bit rough. I knew I needed to smooth things out with a little skin care TLC. Enter Yonka Masque 103 for Normal/Dry skin. This clarifying/purifying masque includes a clay base infused with orange and wild thyme essences and kaolin which help to nourish and revitalize damaged skin. After washing my face with a moisturizing cleanser, I patted my skin dry and generously applied the masque to my skin. The light scent and creamy texture instantly made my skin feel relaxed and calm. I left the masque on for 15 minutes while I continued to finish with my beauty routine. At exactly 15 minutes, I removed the masque with a damp washcloth. My skin felt soft, refreshed and clean. I love this masque especially after excessive sun exposure. I don’t recommend this masque for those with oily or acne-prone skin as there is clay in the formula which could irritate your skin and cause you to produce more oil.


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