The Collections: Creatures of the Wind SS12

13 Sep

At first glance, a collection that features a mashup of tie-dye, lace, florals, plaid and acid green might seem a bit challenging to digest. But in the hands of Chicago-based designers Shane Gabier and Chris Peters, the riot of saturated colors and fabric combinations are expertly reigned in just enough for the girl for whom trends are a non-issue and self-expression is everything. Fabrics and prints that you thought you knew well are turned on their heads- the prim and proper-ness of lace is completely subverted with a day-glo lining on dresses and skirts and is sewn into the bodice of a plaid button-down shirt. A tie-dye graphic is taken out of hippie territory and given the easy elegance treatment in a maxi dress and two jackets. There are moments of quiet in this collection, including a white zipper-detail jacket that has just the right amount of slouch and cool to hold its own. A few looks from the presentation are below.


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