The Collections: Preen SS12

15 Sep

The idea of trends may be becoming increasingly irrelevant, but it is difficult to deny that there was a marked gravitational pull towards girly for a handful of labels who are not necessarily known for their explorations in femininity, at least not in the traditional sense. For loyal followers of Preen, the spring 2012 collection was sort of a shock to the system, a shock colored by candy pastels, lace and an overall more pulled-together vibe. The hard edges that we are used to seeing from Preen have been blurred a bit and in their place are soft peplums, lyrical split-sleeve blouses and day dresses. Graphics are a cornerstone of spring collections, and Preen produced two prints that are among the most thoughtful of the season- a delicate black and white flower print that looks like it could have been done by English illustrator Aubrey Beardsley and a hyper-modern patchwork graphic that works well both alone and when paired with the floral. As if to self-correct and keep the collection from veering too far off into ladylike territory, there is a black and white story and undercurrent of sex- in the form of body-skimming skirts, slices of midriff and slim pants. It’s hard to imagine a woman not daydreaming about looking like this during the dark days of winter.  Select looks from the collection are below.


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