The Collections: Tracy Reese SS12

15 Sep

We in the fashion world can often get a little too caught up in the intellectual and aesthetic exercises of fashion-esoteric reference points, exotically-sourced fabrics and mercurial designers take hold of our imaginations and don’t want to let go. But there comes a time when we have to remember that sometimes, irony-free, pretty-for-pretty’s sake clothing can be just as impactful. Tracy Reese’s spring 2012 collection is a solid case in point. Reese is the go-to label for women looking for gorgeous pieces with just the right amount of cool-girl cred. Every spring staple is on offer, from printed shorts and floaty dresses to fluid pants and skirts. All feature an ease of movement and attitude that Reese has pretty much perfected at this point. There are a myriad of prints and lovers of unadulterated color will find much to choose from. If you are looking for cerebral re-workings of silhouettes, this might not be the collection for you, but Reese has presented a lineup of real clothes that real women will place in heavy rotation in their wardrobes. A few looks from the collection are below.


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