The Collections: Michael van der Ham SS12

22 Sep

One of the more interesting subtexts being explored in fashion at the moment is the finer points of the print clash.  In the wrong hands, it can seem like a default setting meant to distract from the lack of solid ideas. But when done with a deft hand and an exacting eye, it can infuse staple pieces with a fresh perspective. In the case of Michael van der Ham, his treatment of graphics for spring 2012 has managed to land him with a collection that stakes out its own territory among the cacophony of print-heavy lineups. The origins of many of the prints are hard to discern, but this fact and the way that they are paired with each other are compelling to watch.  Van der Ham says that he designs for a woman “who is not afraid to wear something a little more bold”, and this idea is definitely born out throughout this collection. But what makes these pieces ultimately so appealing is that the intelligence of the woman is well-considered, as there is nothing here that is unapproachable or difficult to navigate- the cropped pant (in a mini-floral and with solid color piping) looks new and the dresses and the wrap skirts are about as easy as easy can get. The wheel doesn’t always need to be reinvented, but a little artful tinkering never goes unappreciated. Select looks from the collection are below.


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