Trend Report: Magnetic Manicure

26 Sep
Nail Inc is the Mastermind Behind the Hottest Manicure
We have a knack for reporting on the latest in nail art as we secretly have a ridiculous obsession with all things nail related. From lacquers in progressive colors to unique nail art embellishments, we love discovering the height of creativity and style when it comes to nails and nail design. One of the hottest new manicures that is quickly gaining momentum around the world is the magentic manicure. The magnetic manicure is just what the name says – a magentic polish that contorts and warbles with the help of a special magentic device. Nails inc, a UK nail brand that recently made its US debut at Sephora has created a special nail polish that contains magentic particles which move and react when they come in contact with the magnetic force contained in a special cap on the nail polish bottle. There are three colors in the Magnetic polish collection, a chrome, gold and purple. We predict the chrome magentic manicure will be the most sought after manicure from New York to Los Angeles. Check out this super cool polish in action in the YouTube clip below!

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