Beauty News: Brazilian Blowouts are Officially Dangerous According to the FDA

27 Sep

Brazilian Blowouts are Officially Deemed Dangerous by the FDA

When we first heard about the Brazilian Blowout, we were both intrigued and a bit skeptical. For many women, the idea of having gorgeous hair that stays silky smooth and does what you want it to do seems like a dream come true. Brazilian Blowouts promised many women that they could have the hair of their dreams after undergoing this painless and simple procedure. Fast forward several years later and the FDA finalized their reports and studies on the Brazilian Blowout and came to the conclusion that the Brazilian Blowout products contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde  which can cause cancer and other ailments in both the stylist and the customer when exposed for long periods of time. We know beautiful hair is a major desire but we don’t believe that anyone should ever sacrifice their health in order to have “perfect” hair. Also, there is something to be said about learning how to work with your natural texture. Brazilian Blowouts are much like traditional relaxers in which your natural texture is completely eradicated until you grow your hair out which can be a long, painstaking process. All in all, you must decide what you will do with your hair but always do your research first before jumping “head first” into the latest trend or fad. Here is a video showcasing the controversial Brazilian Blowout process.


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