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The Market: Our 5 Favorite Boots Right Now

28 Sep

Rick Owens Leather Paneled Calf Boot, $1,950,

There’s nothing more amazing about fall than new boots (okay, maybe the Pumpkin Spice Latte ranks pretty high), but the quest for a great boot is a solid way to steel our nerves in the face of the coming winter. We scoured our favorite online retailers to find the top 5 boots that we want to wear right this minute. And yes, there’s a pair of Rick Owens and a Camilla Skovgaard…

LD Tuttle, The Drag Buckle Boot, $774,


Matiko Platform Boot, $234,


Clarks American Retro Yarra Desert Boot, $312,


Camilla Skovgaard Ardent Wedge Boot, $1,016,


Cool Fashion Film Alert: Solange Azagury-Partidge 24:7 Collection Launch

28 Sep


To launch her new 24:7 gold collection, British jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge has released a racy little film directed by Sam Taylor-Wood. Aside from the gorgeous pieces, we love the styling by Bay Garnett (one of our favorite stylists).  We are seriously adoring the triangle ring and the bangles as well as Liberty Ross, the star of the film and one of THE faces of the 90’s. Has jewelry ever been so sexy?




Beauty Addictions: 21 Drops

28 Sep

21 Drops, $29 each,

We believe that taking care of oneself is the most beautiful thing a person can do. It’s all about nourishing yourself after a long hard day and giving back to yourself in order to continue forward. One of our latest obsessions is 21 Drops. It is an aromatherapy line that delivers therapeutic-grade essential oils for a myriad of needs including PMS, Digestion and Decongest. These beautifully blended essential oils come in travel-sized and purse-friendly vials so you can administer a dose of healthiness anytime anywhere. Here are the oils from 1- 21!

  1. Invigoratecedarwood oil, rosemary leaf oil, black pepper, dried fruit oil, and juniper fruit oil
  2. PMSgrapefruit rind oil, geranium leaf oil, jasmine flower oil, and palmarosa grass oil
  3. Strengthcedarwood oil, rosemary leaf oil, and rose flower oil
  4. Hangoverjuniper fruit oil, geranium leaf oil, lavender flower oil, and cardamom seed oil
  5. Headache – rosewood oil, lavender flower oil, and peppermint leaf oil
  6. Passionjasmine flower oil, rose flower oil, cardamom seed oil, and sandalwood oil
  7. Equalize sandalwood oil, palmarosa grass oil, rose flower oil, and frankincense resin oil
  8. Pain Relief– myrrh resin oil, juniper fruit oil, ginger rhizome oil, and helichrysum flower oil
  9. Focus  – rosemary leaf oil, peppermint leaf oil, and frankincense resin oil
  10. Calm – sweet orange fruit rind oil, vetiver root oil, and jasmine flower oil
  11. De-Stress – frankincense resin oil, lavender flower oil, ylang ylang flower oil, and german chamomile flower oil
  12. Uplift –  rose flower oil, lavender flower oil, helichyrsum flower oil, and german chamomile flower oil
  13. Carry On -rose flower oil, helichrysum flower oil, sandalwood oil, lavender flower oil, and frankincense resin oil
  14. Immunity–   rosewood oil, lavender flower oil, ravintsara leaf oil, and eucalyptus leaf oil
  15. Decongest – ravintsara leaf oil, myrrh resin oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, and black pepper dried fruit oil
  16. The Change – sweet orange fruit rind oil, geranium leaf oil, and cedarwood wood oil
  17. Sleep – sandalwood oil, ylang ylang flower oil, palmarosa grass oil, and vetiver root oil
  18. Will Power – cedarwood oil, ginger rhizome oil, and geranium leaf oil
  19. Abstain – cardamom seed oil, grapefruit rind oil, and juniper fruit oil
  20. Inspire – cedarwood oil, sandalwood oil, and black pepper dried fruit oil

Beauty News: L’Oreal Appoints Angela Guy Senior VP of Diversity and Inclusion

28 Sep
Angela Guy Takes Over as the New Director of Diversity and Inclusion at L’Oreal

Angela Guy has been at the helm of Softsheen-Carson for the past four years. As the new Senior VP of Diversity and Inclusion, she will be replacing beauty industry veteran Edward Bullock who is retiring after 27 years. She will be responsible for the increasing L’Oreal’s diversity on a human resources and partnership level. This opportunity is just another example of increasing numbers of African American beauty executives rising up the ranks. We congratulate Angela and look forward to seeing what she does with this position!


The Collections: Maria Grachvogel SS12

27 Sep

All of the sturm und drang happening over at Halston over the past several months leads to many questions, not the least of which should be “did anyone over there even try to get Maria Grachvogel on the phone?” Because she is quietly doing Halston 2.0 better than anything that has come from the recently revamped label as of late. Grachvogel’s spring 2012 collection is awash in easy, fluid Grecian-inspired shapes, classic shifts and sheaths and all sorts of slightly reworked versions of the day and evening dress. The two standout graphics of the collection are a languid watercolor print in several colors and a subdued reptile skin that would almost certainly intrigue the woman who never thought she would wear animal print.  Grachvogel’s use of drapery and uncomplicated finishes has produced a collection that will appeal to a broader base of women who look for pieces that flatter as well as render them the chicest woman in the room. Select looks from the collection are below.












The Market: Rachel Comey Dunn Coat

27 Sep

Rachel Comey Dunn Coat, $704,

Sleeveless coats might not be on the top of everyone’s must-have list for fall, but if you are reading this blog in the first place, you’re probably not likely to fall in line with what everyone else is wearing, anyway. We flat out adore Rachel Comey for her quirky take on staple pieces and we have been kind of obsessing about her Dunn coat. The shape of the coat reads like a cape or poncho, but it has the heft of a traditional wool topper and it’s perfect for the early days of the season. The loveliest part of all is the black chenille lining, referencing the most beautiful vintage coats and jackets from the 50’s and 60’s. A girl can never have too many coats as far as we are concerned…


Beauty News: Brazilian Blowouts are Officially Dangerous According to the FDA

27 Sep

Brazilian Blowouts are Officially Deemed Dangerous by the FDA

When we first heard about the Brazilian Blowout, we were both intrigued and a bit skeptical. For many women, the idea of having gorgeous hair that stays silky smooth and does what you want it to do seems like a dream come true. Brazilian Blowouts promised many women that they could have the hair of their dreams after undergoing this painless and simple procedure. Fast forward several years later and the FDA finalized their reports and studies on the Brazilian Blowout and came to the conclusion that the Brazilian Blowout products contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde  which can cause cancer and other ailments in both the stylist and the customer when exposed for long periods of time. We know beautiful hair is a major desire but we don’t believe that anyone should ever sacrifice their health in order to have “perfect” hair. Also, there is something to be said about learning how to work with your natural texture. Brazilian Blowouts are much like traditional relaxers in which your natural texture is completely eradicated until you grow your hair out which can be a long, painstaking process. All in all, you must decide what you will do with your hair but always do your research first before jumping “head first” into the latest trend or fad. Here is a video showcasing the controversial Brazilian Blowout process.