The Collections: Hussein Chalayan SS12

6 Oct


Often, projections of what life will be like in “the future” involve fantastical daydreams of hovercrafts, self-cleaning houses and clothing that can regulate body temperature and temper our moods. But for those who have been paying attention, Hussein Chalayan has already been showing us what we might really be wearing as the 21st century progresses, and it doesn’t include blouses that double as mp3 players. Chalayan has positioned himself as a provocateur throughout his career, exploring the line between art and fashion. For spring 2012, he has presented a collection that continues with this narrative, but with a massive dose of pretty thrown in for good measure. The avant garde vocabulary is still front and center (many of the looks included geometric panels, both solid and hollow, atop shorts and skirts), but the balance comes in the form of exactly the type of easy dresses that women want to live in during the summer. Critics who think Chalayan too cerebral and those who are intrigued by his intellectual exercises will both find satisfaction with this collection.  And for the record, we are totally on board with the idea of a cocktail party with Chalayan moonlighting as a waiter.


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