Beauty News: L’Oreal to Develop Pill that Eradicates Grey Hair

7 Oct

L'Oreal Hopes to Have Grey Hair Pill Ready in Four Years

Hard to imagine there might come a time where women won’t need to go to the salon or pick up that box of hair color to cover their grey hair. According to a recent press release, L’Oreal has its sights set on eradicating grey hairs entirely with the development of a special pill. The way this pill works is that it will mimic a “helper” enzyme called tyrosinase-related protein-2 which maintains your hair color throughout your life. This particular enzyme begins to diminish with age which is why our hair begins to grey as we reach a certain age. L’Oreal has created a fruit enzyme that does the exact same thing as tyrosinase-related protein-2 which means if you take this pill on a consistent basis, the helper enzyme will never diminish and that means no grey hairs no matter how old you get.

We’re not sure what to think of this. In some ways, its an amazing feat to stop the clock on greying but it also makes us wonder what’s next. Aging is a natural part of life. Even though there is a great deal of pressure put on women around the world to maintain their youth, there is something beautiful and truly elegant about aging gracefully. Older women have a wisdom and sense of confidence that goes way beyond youth which is why we wonder what the appeal of never going grey really is. Imagine what other aspects of aging pharmeceutical companies and beauty brands might try to eradicate. Before long, we would be a society of ageless people who all look eerily like the airbrushed models we oogle in our favorite fashion glossies. That might make us a beautiful population but we would be extremely shallow and vain and without any depth which would be the saddest aspect of all.

What are your thoughts on this new pill? Weigh in!

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