Classic Fashion Movie Flashback: “Unzipped”

7 Oct

Isaac Mizrahi is one of those larger-than-life fashion personalities that we are endlessly enamored with. The future of his signature collection appears to be up in the air yet again, but we wanted to take an affectionate look back at the film Unzipped. Following the creative process behind his 1994 FW collection, the film is directed by Mizrahi’s former flame Douglas Keeve. Mizrahi is working with a “Nanook of the North” theme for his collection, only to find out through the grapevine that Jean-Paul Gaultier is also producing an eskimo-inspired line. There’s plenty of drama (which we, of course, love) and most importantly, there are SUPERMODELS. Real, live supers who need only be addressed by one name: Cindy, Naomi, Linda, Christy and Kate.  We love how a couple of the models come off as kind of bitchy and clearly annoyed with the cameras- we’ll let you guess which ones.. Anyone who has even a passing interest in fashion and the fashion industry has this movie in their DVD rotation and no doubt pulls it out when nostalgia for 90’s fashion strikes.


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